APS Employee Census

APS Employee Census

The APS Employee Census is a voluntary survey providing employees with the opportunity to share their views about the Australian Public Service.

The survey is conducted annually and collects information on a range of workforce issues including:

  • health and wellbeing
  • employee engagement
  • performance management
  • leadership
  • general impressions of the APS

Further information about the census is available on the Australian Public Service Commission website.

Highlights of the NDIS Commission’s results for 2022

Highlights from the 2022 APS Employee Census include:

  • our Employee Engagement score was 71%
  • our Immediate Supervisor index score was 72% and the SES Manager score was 61%
  • the Communication index score was 61%
  • our Enabling Innovation index score was 60%, which is 4% down from the previous year
  • the aggregate staff response on the Wellbeing Policies and Support index was 57% – this remained consistent with the 2021 results

View our full 2022 highlights report.

What we will do with the results

The NDIS Commission is committed to responding to the results of the APS Census through a staff led approach to create impact and change. We want to generate staff conversations and commitment to a suite of initiatives that are iterative and take an approach of continuous improvement to drive the greatest uplift and improve the day-to-day experience of each colleague who works at the NDIS Commission, and their connection to their colleagues, their work, and the NDIS Commission’s purpose and impact.

Since the release of the report the following has occurred:

  • analysis of results by the senior leadership to generate thinking on priority areas and opportunities and improvements that can be made over the next 12 months
  • division/branch based team discussions to focus on specific areas' results and develop local actions
  • establishment of a staff led working group consisting of members from across the NDIS Commission at various levels – the working group has identified three areas of priority focus (leadership, communication and wellbeing) and is developing a suite of initiatives for testing with staff prior to implementation.     

A One Commission approach to implementation will be supported by regular check-in, monitoring and evaluation. Adjustment of initiatives will occur as needed to ensure we are on track and that initiatives are having an impact.

Previous years’ APS Employee Census results

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